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African Union Sport Council launches free online e-learning modules on S4D and Safeguarding in Sport

The African Union Sport Council (AUSC) has launched two introductory self-paced web-based trainings, one on Sport for Development (S4D) Basics and another one on Safeguarding in Sport and Sport for Development. Any facilitator conducting sports activities including e.g., teachers, social workers, and coaches can participate. No prior knowledge of S4D is required. The courses are available in English and French and are free of charge on the learning platform, atingi. After completing the courses, participants will be awarded a pdf certificate.

Brook Sport Consulting were pleased to be consulted on the development of the Safeguarding in Sport and Sport for Development course.

The web-based trainings were developed by commonsense eLearning and training consultants with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) as part of the Regional Project Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA) commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The objective of the web-based trainings is to promote access to high-quality digital learning content, while spreading the S4D approach and raising awareness on safeguarding in sport and S4D.

“The two online modules will greatly contribute towards the use of S4D to achieve some of the African Union Agenda 2063 aspirations of The Africa We Want, that is inclusive with empowered women, girls, youth, persons with disabilities, and vulnerable groups,’’ states Dr. Decius Chipande, Coordinator of the AUSC. ‘’They [the courses] will also contribute to building societies that safeguard and care for children and vulnerable adults, promote democratic values, good governance principles, and preserve African values and cultural identity.’’

Ursula Neulinger, Senior Consultant at commonsense says ‘’We are really proud that we could contribute to making the idea and approach of S4D available to an even broader target group through digital learning. The online modules are developed in responsive design and can be used through any mobile device in order to ensure low-threshold access to the learning material.’’

The 60-minute-long Sport for Development Basics course explores topics that can be addressed through S4D, along with how to structure an S4D session and the impact S4D can have on individuals and the community. The 90-minute Safeguarding in Sport and Sport for Development course on the other hand addresses the meaning of safeguarding, the different types of harm, how to deal with safeguarding concerns, and the roles and responsibilities of S4D facilitators.

To access the courses, please create an account on atingi first by following this link. After creating an account, you can find the Sport for Development Basics course and the Safeguarding in Sport and Sport for Development course here.

For further information please contact or

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