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  • Norman Brook

Brook Sport Consulting conduct a successful tutor training course for the UCI in Aigle, Switzerland

Brook Sport Consulting conducted a successful first tutor training course for tutors of Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) commisssaires at the World Governing Body’s cycling centre in Aigle, Switzerland.  The course was lead by Norman Brook and co-facilitated by Thanos Nikopoulos. Commissaire is the generic term for an official in competitive cycling, approximately equivalent to umpires or referees in other sports. The training course aimed to improve the teaching skills of the tutors moving them towards a more facilitative style of delivery that helps develop the applied competence of commissaires across a number of the cycling disciplines governed by the UCI.


Participants attended the course from Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland. They reported that the course had helped develop a range of skills and teaching styles that would better help them deliver training that meets the needs of potential international and national elite commissaires.

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