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  • Norman Brook

Grass Roots Sport Critical to Effective Sports Sponsorship

New research from Eurosport, ZenithOptimedia & Synovate indicates that investment in the grass roots of sport is of critical importance to sponsorship effectiveness during a time of recession according to the Sports Business Group.

Sports Business Group are the world’s leading supplier of information, media and B2B marketing services to the sports industry.

With corporate social responsibility (CSR) now rapidly becoming a central aspect to the sponsorship of the biggest brands, companies, sporting federations and governing bodies will be taking note of the findings at a time when marketing strategies are coming under serious scrutiny.

The report, taken out in October 2008, interviewed 1,600 upmarket consumers and 10 leading sports marketers whose responses created a sports marketing code of conduct for companies during the difficult economic climate.  It found that 81 per cent of consumers believe “what companies do over what they say” and that 74 per cent believed CSR sports investment both helps sport to develop, and was essential as part of the marketing strategy for large brands. The survey also revealed grass roots investment was considered an imperative and necessary component of a successful sports marketing campaign. Although expensive, it is valued by consumers who appreciate organisations which make a real contribution to sports development. The report’s findings were showcased at  a summit organised by the SportBusiness  Group.  For further details visit the website of  Sports Business International

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