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International Inspiration Brazil

Norman Brook has just spent a week in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil assisting the State Triathlon Federations of Alagoas, Ceara and Pernambuco to prepare strategic plans as part of the pilot for a UK programme called “International Inspiration”.

The UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, announced in January a £9 million investment program to support sporting projects in five developing countries around the world.  The pilot is the start of a larger programme called “International Inspiration” which will deliver on the promise made to the IOC in Singapore of engaging and inspiring the youth of the world through sport.

Lord Sebastian Coe, Chairman of LOCOG, said:  “Our vision is to use the power of the games to inspire change – and changing the lives of young people in particular is the driving force behind our plans. As part of our pledge to the IOC in Singapore, we committed to inspire young people around the world to choose sport. This is a tangible example of how we are delivering on this promise and using the power and magic of sport to change the lives of young people around the world – and leave a lasting international legacy.”

The pilot programmes are taking place in Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, Palau and Zambia and Norman was one of a team of consultants who worked with the sports of Athletics, Triathlon, Sailing and Wheelchair Basketball in Brazil.

Funding for the pilot programme, which runs until 2010 and is being led by UK Sport, the Government’s international sports agency, includes contributions from DFID, UNICEF, the British Council, the FA Premier League and the DCMS. 

Sue Campbell, Chair of UK Sport, said: “UK Sport is delighted to be leading this unique Programme.  It is very important that we do everything in our power to maximise the global legacy of London 2012 and International Inspiration gives the UK a formidable platform to start achieving this. We very much look forward to working with our partners on the pilot to ensure its success and expand it further, using the experience and expertise we have built up over many years of running international development through sport programmes.”

International Inspiration will look to create opportunities for children and young people of all abilities from the most disadvantaged communities in the world to enrich their lives by playing and excelling in sport. The programme aims include ensuring that any work done is sustainable and will have a lasting benefit across the communities it embraces.

Each pilot country will benefit from a number of mutually agreed programmes across the following three strands:

  1. physical education in schools and school links

  2. sport development and sporting excellence,

  3. human and social development through sport

The planning for sport development and sports excellence focused on areas such as the training of lead coaches, competition and grassroots coaches, officials and volunteers.

Norman Brook said: “Although our main aim was to work in the area of sport development and excellence, it soon became clear that there was a link with human and social development projects.  In Ceara, for example. they have a social programme running ensuring proper health care, education and nutrition for young people in triathlon talent programmes from socially deprived areas. I see a strong link developing between the three strands in Brazil.

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