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Norman Brook helps National Netball Federations develop their Safeguarding Policies


Norman Brook delivered a “Safeguarding; Developing your Policy” Workshop in Gaborone, Botswana, for National Netball Federations in conjunction with the International Netball Federation’s World Youth Championships and Annual Congress.


The workshop was attended by around 20 delegates and officers from the International Netball Federation.

The workshop stressed the importance of safeguarding children in sport and the risks to sports federations who neglect to prioritize their moral and legal duty of care to protect children participating in their sport.


The workshop is based on the International Safeguards for Children in Sport which were developed under the leadership of UNICEF UK. Norman Brook led delegates through the eight safeguards and enabled them to assess their compliance using a traffic light system of green for fully compliant, amber for work in progress and red for non compliant.

The International Netball Federation is promoting the safeguarding children in netball as part of their strategic goal of promoting governance with integrity. The workshop in Gaborone was made possible through a partnership with UK Sport’s International Relations Directorate.

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