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Talent Confirmation (Sporting Talent 3)

Norman Brook recently presented a paper on the practice of identifying, confirming and developing sporting talent at a seminar in Fortaleza, Brazil, organised through the International Inspiration programme and hosted by the state government of Ceara.  Brazil will host the Summer Olympic Games in 2016 and identifying and developing talent in Olympic sports will be high on the nations agenda.  The third extract from the paper is featured below and others will be publshed here over the next few weeks.

Talent identification systems will identify individuals with attributes that suggest an aptitude for a sport.  Although potential may exist, real talent can only be confirmed by engaging with the individual in a specific sports training environment.  In this setting talent can be confirmed by assessing additional qualities including:

  1. the individual’s level of maturation;

  2. their desire, belief and persistence to be the best;

  3. whether they are receptive to coaching and support;

  4. their commitment to programme goals;

  5. their ability to learn;

  6. their physiological response to training;

  7. their games/tactical intelligence;

  8. their results in a competitive environment.

The assessment of these and other key qualities is summative and should take place through a coach lead talent confirmation programme.

Norman Brook contributes to the Expert Panel on Sporting Talent

Norman Brook contributes to the Expert Panel on Sporting Talent

Those athletes deemed through talent confirmation programmes to have exceptional talent can then be supported to develop through to becoming an elite performer.  Such programmes will provide confirmed talent with:

  1. Superior Coaching;

  2. Training Camps, Training & Competition Guidance;

  3. Technical analysis and discipline/role specific input;

  4. Sports science and medicine support;

  5. Access to appropriate training facilities and equipment;

  6. Lifestyle Support – Financial/Education

The fourth of our blogs on talent identification and development will be published shortly and will examine the foundations of talent.

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