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World Class Workshops

Brook Sport Consulting are now offering four World Class Workshops facilitated by leading sports education facilitators:

  1. Facilitating Learning in Sports Organisations

  2. Using Mentoring in Sports Organisations

  3. Safeguarding Children in Sport; Developing Policy & Practice

  4. Connected Coaching: Using Coaching Skills to Develop Young People


This three day “train the trainer” workshop has been delivered for a range of International Sports Federations and International NGOs around the world and prepares trainers to facilitate learning in both classroom and practical settings. The workshop is designed for those working in sports federation education programmes and for those working in the sport for peace and development sector.

“I have been on several ‘train the trainer’ courses over the years through my corporate life, but must admit I was extremely impressed with the style, content and effectiveness of this course. Norman ‘facilitated’ a course of world standard in my opinion. The experience & knowledge within the room was impressive and he was able to take us all to a new level of thinking & ensure that an encouraging, supportive yet challenging environment was maintained.”

Mick Delamotte, Head Coach, High Performance Tri, Australia

“The course (GIZ Youth Development through Football Instructor Training) I am on is interesting. One of the lecturers, Norman Brook is world class, he has held courses worldwide for instructors.

Anna Nyman, LdB Football Club, Sweden

This workshop enables trainers to develop their facilitation skills through practical activity in both classroom and practical settings, to personally reflect on their skills, receive peer and tutor reviews, all in a safe and empowering environment. In addition to developing facilitation skills, the workshop provides participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the principles that underpin learning and development for adults in sporting contexts.


Mentoring is becoming an increasingly important component in the learning and development programmes of International and National Sports Federations. It is also a valuable strategy for the development of young people in sport for peace and development programmes.


This workshop, which can be delivered over 1-2 days, outlines principles behind successful mentoring programmes and provides participants with the opportunity to practice key skills used by mentors to support mentees in their development.


Safeguarding is becoming a critical issue for all organisations providing children with the opportunity to participate in sport. Sports organisations have both a moral and legal duty of care to protect children and need to be able to assess and mitigate the risk of children being abused whilst participating in sport.


This workshop is based on the implementation of the International Safeguards for Children in Sport as developed under the leadership of UNICEF UK.

We offer a two-hour workshop to raise awareness of the importance and implications of safeguarding children in sport or a two-day workshop to assist sports organisations to plan to develop and implement their safeguarding policy and procedures to meet the standards set out in the International Safeguards for Children in Sport.


This two-day workshop helps sports coaches to develop the capability to use their coaching skills to not just develop the player’s physical, cognitive, technical and tactical sporting skills but also to develop the player’s values, personal, social and health skills. Connected coaching puts the coach at the heart of programmes designed not just to develop the player but also to develop the person.


All though it is widely believed that participation in sport can develop qualities in young people that lead to them being able to make positive and healthy choices in life, research suggests this can only occur when an intentional connection is made between lessons learned on the sports field and their implications for life as a whole.

It is the coach that helps make this connection through the application of the same coaching skills that are applied to develop a player’s physical, cognitive, technical and tactical sporting skills.  This workshop examines these skills and provides the opportunity to practice their application to the teaching of values, personal, social and health skills.

If you would like to learn more about our workshops, please contact:

Norman Brook

Brook Sports Consulting

Cell: + 27 (0)82 295 8208

Skype: norman.brook

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