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World Triathlon Mentoring Programme makes a big impact

With three cohorts of mentors trained through the World Triathlon Mentoring Programme the sports governing body believes the programme is making a big impact. The training programme has been delivered by the team from Brook Sport Consulting of Norman Brook, Penny Crisfield and Alison Carney.

We took our plans to deliver mentorship training across the globe for World Triathlon online as a result of the pandemic. Norman Brook commented "I have to say that I think this has worked better than face to face training would have and has meant that the mentors became used to the idea of mentoring online enabling them to confidently engage with their mentees using technology. The mentors are also able to work with mentees in other parts of the world which has become an enrichening experience for them."

The mentoring programme has key inclusivity targets to reach more women and those with disabilities or from developing federations, the new mentors will be assigned 2-3 mentees to help support the next generation of triathlon coaches, technical officials and administrators.

With 55 mentors trained in three cohorts we already have 96 mentor-mentee relationships established and have already seen more than 100 mentoring sessions completed.

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